Antivirus Isn't Enough
Just because your device already has antivirus, doesn't mean you are protected. We all know someone who still got infected.
Proactive Protection
Crafted for creators, professionals, and families. CyberGate by Prosecure LSP represents a generational leap in cyber security.
An antivirus reacts.
A VPN hides your location.
Cybergate prevents.
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Protect Your Digital Life

Browse the web confidently, knowing your digital assets are protected.

Simple to use, connect, and forget. No settings to adjust, scans to run, alerts to handle, or annoying popups.

What Our Customers Say


I protect my PC with Cybergate LSP because I don’t want my ISP tracking everywhere I go on the internet. It's also great knowing that I'm protected from Ransomware that would destroy my PC.

-Steve Bozich - Carthage, NC


I was worried about getting some kind of ransomware on my PC, and after asking a friend I was able to join the Cybergate Beta program. Cybergate LSP has never slowed my system down, and I feel safe knowing I'm protected by the best security that only big companies can afford.

- Mary Ann Manning - Whispering Pines, NC

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