1 Download your app and connect to our secure system.

You are protected from hackers and threats lurking on public wifi, yet able to access local networked devices, like printers.

2 Sign-in on your device(s).

Your connections are managed and monitored by experts with decades of experience securing multinational networks.

3 Relax knowing your digital life is protected.

You're shielded by cutting edge technology used by three-letter agencies and corporate giants.

What Our Customers Say


I protect my PC with Cybergate because I don’t want my ISP tracking everywhere I go on the internet. It’s also great knowing that I’m protected from Ransomware that would destroy my PC.

Steve Bozich - Carthage, NJ


I was worried about getting some kind of ransomware on my PC, and after asking a friend I was able to join the Cybergate Beta program. Cybergate has never slowed my system down, and I feel safe knowing that I’m protected by the best security that only big companies can afford.

Mary Ann Manning
Whispering Pines, NC


I've been a part of the CyberGate Beta testing program for 8 years. Before I starting using CyberGate, I had to take my PC to the repair shop for virus removal twice a year. Since I got setup with CyberGate I haven't been back since!

Pat Queen, Tresure Ally, Aberdeen, NC


Providing digital marketing for all my clients is 24/7/365 work. Protecting their online reputation is critical. Getting hacked simply is not an option. I sleep so much better at night knowing that my clients and I are protected by Cybergate.

Chelby Dixon, Dixon Associates USA, Pinehurst NC


I signed up for Cybergate because I was targeted by hackers. I never thought that I would ever be targeted individually, but for some reason they picked me. Nothing I did stopped them. Antivirus, antimalware, firewalls I downloaded, all failed. Once I installed Cybergate on my devices all of the attacks stopped immediately.

Lezley, Fort Lauderdale, FL

Surf Securely

Whether you're browsing at home, researching at work, or searching for a way to lock-down the internet for your little one, you can surf the web securely with CyberGate.

Once connected to our Secure Enclave, your web surfing is shielded by technology used by three-letter agencies and corporate giants.

The enclave is managed and monitored by experts with decades of experience securing these large multi-national networks.

As you use the Web, our technology inspects all of the "traffic" flowing through our secure enclave for threats like spyware, ransomware, viruses, keyloggers, hackers, etc.